India Visa - Medical (patient / accompanying person)

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India has a number of world-class hospitals and clinics equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offering high-quality services. Doctors and medical professionals in India are well trained and many are educated at the best medical training institutions in the world. Healthcare costs in India are often considerably lower than in Western countries, making it attractive to foreign patients.

Popular medical treatments that people travel to India for include heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, spine surgery, organ transplantation, orthopedic surgery, dentistry and fertility treatments.

It is important to note that if you are considering traveling to India for medical care, it is recommended that you do your research and choose a reputable health care facility with qualified and experienced practitioners. It is also recommended that you purchase international health insurance to cover the cost of health care and related travel expenses.

Activities covered by a medical visa in India include:

  • Obtaining medical treatment: The medical visa holder may travel to India to receive medical treatment for an illness or condition.
  • Obtaining surgery: The medical visa holder may travel to India for surgery.
  • Obtaining follow-up health care: The medical visa holder may stay in India for follow-up health care, examinations or consultations.
  • Taking medication: The medical visa holder can obtain medication in India for an illness or condition with an appropriate prescription.

It is important to note that the medical visa does not allow the holder to work or study in India. The visa is specifically intended for individuals traveling to India for medical treatment. The visa holder must provide proof of medical treatment when applying for the visa and may be required to provide proof of medical expenses and international health insurance.

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