Photo Visa India

When applying for a visa to India, one of the most important requirements is the visa photo. The visa photo must meet very specific criteria in terms of format, size, quality and positioning.

The size of the India visa photo must be 2×2 inches (approximately 5×5 cm). The photo must be in color and taken in high resolution. It should be printed on high quality photo paper or sent as a digital file. The photo must be taken against a bright, even background with no shadows or highlights.

To take a visa photo for India, you must be standing in front of a clear background. You must take a picture of your face from the front, without smiling and without sunglasses or tinted glasses. Your head must be clearly visible and centered in the photo. Your face must be clearly visible, without shadows, without blemishes and without retouching.

If your photo does not meet the criteria, your visa application may be rejected, delayed or sent back for a new photo. Common mistakes in India visa photos include blurry photos, photos taken with too much flash, photos that have been retouched or have a different color than the background.

In addition to technical constraints, it is also important to respect cultural and religious requirements regarding clothing. India visa photos must be taken with appropriate clothing and without vulgarity.